Our Wines

20130323_192702Brianna – White wine with pineapple nose and flavor. Pairs well with chicken, whitefish, and shellfish in butter or light-colored sauces. Off Dry

La Crescent– Great quality white wine with apricot-like flavor and floral aroma. This off-dry wine pairs well with appetizers, seafood and chicken. Off Dry

Frontenac – Red wine with cherry, black cherry, and plum notes. Crisp, deep, bold, zesty flavor that carries a wonderful finish of tannin. Great with pepper jack and sharp cheeses. Pairs well with hearty foods such as meat and spicy foods like salsa. Dry

St Croix – Medium to full-bodied, deep red wine with low tannins and good fruity aromas with a hint of oak. Great Table wine. Dry

Marquette – Elegant deep red color with aromas of cherry, black pepper, and spice with a hint of oak. Pairs well with sharp cheese. Smooth flavor best as a medium-bodied red table wine. Dry

Frontenac Gris Dry-Has a grapefruit flavor that goes well with Jalapeno and Monterey Jack cheese. Also goes well with Cheetos. Dry

Touch of Sun – FRONTENAC GRIS is the primary grape with a touch of ST.CROIX. Beautiful, light color. Aromas of peach, apricot, and citrus fruits. Unique flavors are great used as a table wine. Pairs well with sharp cheese and popcorn. Semi Dry

Last Dance –FRONTENAC, FRONTENAC GRIS & ST. CROIX make this light & fruity wine. The acidic flavors goes well with mild fruits like pears and grapes along with other foods such as nuts and chips with salsa. Wonderful with mild cheeses like brie or Colby. Semi Sweet

Frontenac Gris Sweet– A big wine with a fruity finish, hint of apricot. Sangria made with stone fruits compliment this wine. Goes well with ice cream and chocolate. Sweet and refreshing. Semi Sweet

Apple Razz 13 – APPLE from our local orchards, blended with ST CROIX, sweetened with raspberries. Great refreshing wine.  Pairs well with chocolate, and sweeter dessertsSemi Sweet

Apple Razz 14 – Local apples, grapes and slightly sweetened with raspberry.  This fruity wine is light and balanced.  Goes well with salty foods.  Semi Sweet


Squirrly Shirrly – SEBRAVOY, FRONTENAC & KING OF THE NORTH. Distinctive, rich, aromatic, Concord-style wine. Complements a robust, sweet treat. Sweet

Frontenac Gris Sweet – A big wine with a fruity finish, hint of apricot.  Goes well with ice cream and chocolate.  Sweet and refreshing.  Semi Sweet

Pond Party

A blend of ST CROIX & FRONTENAC.  Sweet flavors that bring out the nutty flavors in Brie and is also paired with foods such as chocolate, fruits, and very mild cheeses. Semi Sweet 

Bon Fire – ST CROIX, MARQUETTE & KING OF THE NORTH Bold taste with a sweet finish. Bon Fire has a hint of melon. Goes well with BBQ. A great picnic wine. Semi Sweet